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Rick B

Obstacles: a word that Ricky Bernard has had to deal with all his life, is now ready to take on his biggest challenge; building a dynasty that will take care of family for generations to come. Born the first of three to Bernadette Bernard and Ricky Wingate, he was forced to grow up fast. He had to care for his siblings due to the situation of his father leaving early in his life and his mother taking on the streets to make ends meet. Against the odds, Rick still managed to finish Booker T. Washington High School and go on to attend Tyler State University, where he played football on a scholarship. Confronted with a few racial issues he decided to change his major to Business Administration and come back home to Houston where he would attend Texas Southern University.
Often stoned faced and all about business, Rick Bernard or just Rick B., is a laid back guy with a great sense of humor. Rick is Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Artist of the upcoming monster record label Street Vibes Music. Native of the city Houston, Texas; a city that is known to such hip-hop legends as Slim Thug, Z-Ro, DJ Screw and iconic record label Rap-A-Lot Records. Rick was able to meet and be mentored by the business minds of J Prince, Big Mike, Bun B, John Bido, and Wes Crockett. So, it is obvious to say that Rick has gotten insight from reputable sources, making him a well-rounded business man. He will be pushing more than just music to brand the soon to be empire that is Street Vibes. He has started producing Street Vibes clothing, water, energy drinks, and movies for starters.
Rick B, alongside Bernadette Bernard, the President of Street Vibes Music, has huge plans for the future of S.V. He plans on building a dynasty that will aid the development of people with fewer opportunities. Growing up as one with limited opportunities, he was humbled. By believing in God, keeping positive energy around, and having a love for life, fueled his goal to give back to the community and create change.


Bernadette “Sky The Goddess” Bernard

She was born and breed from the mean streets of Houston, Texas. Bernadette Bernard-Wingate, a sharp, independent, strong, and spiritually charged soul that is set on making a difference for both the community and the entertainment industry. With decades of blood, sweat, and tears in entertainment, she has built quite an impressive resume. Mrs. Bernard has worked behind the scene with some legendary names including 8-Ball & M.J.G., Snoop Dogg, U.G.K., Al Haymon, Wes Crockett, Cash Money Records, Lil Troy, and even Destiny’s Child on both national and international tours.
In 2005, after dealing with a couple of setbacks involving some local Houston hip-hop artist, Mrs. Bernard A.K.A. “Sky the Goddess” decided to set sail and start her own movement. Her vision, for SV to become a black owned umbrella corporation that will raise Hebrew Americans awareness and for those lucky enough, create opportunities for those in the Black/Hebrulite community. One main vision is to keep as many Herbalists as possible from going to jail or becoming repeat offenders.
Street Vibes now has a power house roster that includes hip-hop artist, R&B singers, players of various instruments, and producers that are all in-house. Now SV has over five members on the roster including such acts as Juice J-ULA, Bacdoe, Poppy Chulo, Icey Water, Get Money Gorilla (GMG) and many more.
“Sky the Goddess” and her Street Vibes group don’t only plan on building their brand by producing hit after hit musically; they also have developed their own clothing. Also, already in the works, the distribution of Street Vibes water and energy drinks that will reach all corners of the globe. Most importantly, Mrs. Bernard also plans in the near future to start educational classes to provide knowledge to the community. Class subjects will include Black history, self-awareness, sex education, music education, entrepreneurship, and more.


Juice J-Ula

The streets of Houston, Texas or also known as simply “H-Town” may never be the same after Reginald Dwayne Wingate who goes by recording artist Juice J-ULA is finished making his mark. Juice (for short) grew up in Studewood known locally as “The Heights”. He hails from a musically inclined family and started composing music in 2005. He would as a child often sit in on studio sessions with older uncles and other relatives, so when it came time for him to start expressing himself musically it was natural.
If you think that Juice J-ULA is just another rap artist you are hugely mistaken. Before he started writing and rhyming about what he grew up seeing in the mean streets of Houston, he was a great basketball and football player for Booker T. Washington High School. Juice was decent academically and most memorably a member of his school band. He played not one, but two instruments, which were the drums and the trombone. Later in his adult years he would sit down and learn to play the guitar with the late extraordinaire Joe “JB” Bythewood. Subsequently, Juice would start to mix and master his own projects, making him what some would consider a “One Man Band”.
Juice J-ULA’s music inspiration growing up consist of the legendary Houston artists Geto Boys, U.G.K., and Fat Pat. He was also inspired by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and the 5th Ward Boyz. In his career he has worked with a collection of established artists including Lil’ Keke, J-Dawg, Boo Rossini, Mike D (from Houston’s respected Screwed UP Click), Trae Tha Truth, Chris Ward, and OG Ron C. To date, Juice’s most cherished moments musically, is opening up for Lil Wayne at a sold out Reliant Arena and being an opening act for Soulja Boy at the Verizon Center in Houston.
Juice J-ULA is one of the foremost acts on the record label Street Vibes Music and plans to soar to new heights in the near future. When it is all said and done, Juice J-ULA’s main goal is to leave wealth for forthcoming generations, proving he stands by his motto “Family always comes first no matter what!”

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